“Staff support children with special educational needs and/or disabilities well.”

Hadley Wood Preschool and Playgroup prides itself on promoting inclusion and equality within the setting. We believe, every child makes a unique contribution to the dynamics of the group. Each child is valued for itself and all children have equal value and status. We understand that all children have individual needs, and some may have additional needs which should be identified and may need supporting in order that they can thrive and continue to develop alongside their peers. The wishes, the needs and wellbeing of the child are central to our practice and we aim to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment in which all children will be listened to and given countless opportunities to flourish regardless of need or disability. Where necessary children with SEND will be given extra support to maximise their potential. HWPP recognises the importance of collaborative working with parents throughout a child’s learning journey and will actively liaise and support parents/families to help their child, seeking professional help if there is a need to do so as well as informing families of various relevant services available to them.