About Us

We welcome children aged between 2-5 years into our inclusive setting, where they will find a host of activities and resources to stimulate and feed their imagination as they learn through play. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS, 2024) building a curriculum encompassing the 7 areas of learning which is taught by exceptionally qualified and experienced staff where nurturing children is instinctive. Children are taught many skills alongside our curriculum, in particular emphasis is placed upon moral values, learning to respect and understand each other and promoting positive well-being whilst achieving their maximum learning potential.

We have two cohorts, ‘Caterpillars’ with children aged 2-3 years and ‘Butterflies’ with children aged 3-4 years. We maintain high staff ratios to ensure each child receives individual attention geared around their interests and their needs. Each child is designated a ‘Key Person’ to ensure transition is as seamless as possible and who will oversee your child’s learning programme, assess, evaluate and plan appropriately for your child’s next steps. The emphasis will be placed on meeting specific milestones whilst also challenging your child to extend their learning.

Our Aims

Each child should experience an environment which:-

  • Is safe, secure and caring, where children and adults feel valued.
  • Promotes self-confidence, a sense of achievement and self-esteem.
  • Provides opportunities for socialising and developing relationships with other young children and with adults.
  • Enable the children to gain an understanding and respect for the uniqueness of others, to value their individuality and be tolerant of their needs.
  • Encourages creativity and the use of imagination.
  • Develops independent thinking and learning through first hand experiences.
  • Provides a broad, balanced curriculum which is appropriate to the physical, social, emotional, spiritual and intellectual development of individual children, including those with special needs.
  • Fosters and develops a child’s natural curiosity.

We believe that children should:-

  • Be in an environment, which is stimulating, motivating, and challenging and which has facilities for indoor and outdoor play. It should be well planned and appropriately resourced to promote independent learning.
  • Experience an approach to learning which recognises the needs of young children which is founded on first hand experiences, which encourages the development of language and communications and which values play.
  • Learn through play and make no distinctions between work and play. It is through play that children are able to bring together what they have learned.
  • Play should be carefully planned and structured; sensitive intervention by adults will extend the child’s learning.
  • We recognise the important part parents play in the education of their children and endeavour to promote shared understanding, mutual respect and dialogue between home and school.