Fees & Funding

  • All 2 year old’s with an eligibility code with working parents can claim 15hrs of free funding
  • All 3-4 year old’s with an eligibility code with working parents can claim 30hrs of free funding
  • All children are eligible for universal 15 hours funding following their third birthday
  • Parents are also able to apply for Terrific Two’s (children aged 2 years only) and 30hours funding (3 year old’s only)
  • We also take Employee Childcare vouchers in payment for fees

For full information on our fees please request a prospectus.

Fees for September 2023 - July 2024

Our fees are highly competitive, reflecting our expertise, quality of staff and investment in the setting and our educational resources.

The maximum funded hours per day can be 3 hours per morning session unless a 30hour code is applied (Funded sessions can be from 9.00am-1pm)

Unfunded (£12 per hour)

9.00-12.30pm         –        3.5 hours £42.00
9.00-1.00pm           –        4.0 hours £48.00

Full day 9am to 2.45pm 5.75 hours £69.00 – Afternoon session (only available as an add-on)

Caterpillars            –         12.30-2.45pm £27
Butterflies              –         1.00-2.45pm  £21

Part Funded (child attends extra hours over and above 15 funded hours)

15 hours free
Extra hours to be charged at £12 per hour
£5 charge per session for food, drink, extra activities and Tapestry online access.


Fully funded (child attends up to 15 hours per week)

Up to 15/30 hours free


a)   Child A entitled to 15 hours funding attends 3 morning sessions @ 3.5 hours therefore 10.5 hours free per week
       £5 charge per session (£15 per week) for food, drink, extra activities and Tapestry online access.

b)   Child B entitled to 30 hours funding attends 3 full sessions and 2 mornings therefore 25.25 hours free per week
       £5 charge per session-am and pm (£40 per week) for food, drink, extra activities and Tapestry online access. 

Eligibility criteria for Terrific Two’s funding: https://new.enfield.gov.uk/if/eligibility-criteria-for-terrific-twos-funding/

Eligibility criteria for 30hours funding: https://www.gov.uk/30-hours-free-childcare

Additionally, subject to eligibility 3 and 4-year-olds can receive Early Years Pupil Premium if the child receives the universal 15 hours entitlement https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/early-years-funding-2022-to-2023/early-years-entitlements-local-authority-funding-of-providers-operational-guide-2022-to-2023#paying-eypp-to-early-years-providers.  In the event of financial hardship, HWPPL will endeavour to support families where feasible.

A 10% discount is given to families with more than one child attending the setting simultaneously. No refunds will be given in the event of the setting closing due to bad weather conditions or pandemic diseases including *COVID-19 related incidences (subject to Government guidance).  

Fees are paid in advance; monthly, half termly or termly. Refunds are not permitted for absenteeism due to ill health, ad hoc holidays, bad weather and/or pandemic diseases including COVID-19. The fees are calculated termly and will vary according to the number of days available within that time period.

A parent may be entitled to claim childcare vouchers at their place of work, and we accept these from a number of different agencies in respect of fees. Some parents may also be able to claim help with childcare costs through the Inland Revenue Tax Credit Scheme.

A surcharge of ten pounds will be charged for each week, or part of week, that payment is in arrears.

You will be required to give 4-6 weeks’ notice in writing, should you decide to withdraw your child from either the Playgroup or the Preschool.  If this is not adhered to, we will then charge you the full term’s fee that your child would have attended.

Fees are reviewed annually.